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Conference Schedule & Technical Program

Please note that this is the tentative program.

Sunday, April 22

Breakfast: (8:00-9:00)

Tutorial 1: Part 1 (8:30 – 10:00)

“Best practices for Writing and Managing Performance Requirements “– Andre Bondi – Siemens Corporate Research, USA

10:00-10:30 - Break

Tutorial 1: Part 2 (10:30-12:00)

“Best Practices for Writing and Managing Performance Requirements” – Andre Bondi – Siemens Corporate Research, USA

12:00-13:00 – Lunch

Tutorial 2: (13:00-14:30)

“Introduction to Queueing Petri Nets: Modeling Formalism, Tool Support and Case Studies “- Samuel Kounev – KIT, Germany

Tutorial 3: Part 1(13:00-14:30)

“Programming and Simulating Fused Devices - OpenCL and Multi2Sim” – Rafael Ubal and Perhaad Mistry – Northeastern University, USA

14:30 – 15:00 - Break

Tutorial 3: Part 2(15:00-16:30)

“Programming and Simulating Fused Devices - OpenCL and Multi2Sim” – Rafael Ubal and Perhaad Mistry – Northeastern University, USA

Reception: (18:00 - 19:30)

Monday, April 23

Breakfast: (7:30-8:30)

8:30-9:00 – Opening remarks

9:00-10:00 – Keynote (Chair: Jerry Rolia): Assuring the Trustworthiness of the Smarter Electric Grid”, William H. Sanders, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

10:00-10:30 – Break

Session 1 (Chair: Greg Franks): (10:30-12:00) Performance Prediction Techniques for Software and Systems

“On The Accuracy of Cache Sharing Models” - Vlastimil Babka, Peter Libic, Tomáš Martinec and Petr Tuma

“Systematic Adoption of Genetic Programming for Deriving Software Performance Curves” - Michael Faber and Jens Happe

“Fluid Limits of Queueing Networks with Batches” - Luca Bortolussi and Mirco Tribastone

“An approximate solution for Ph/Ph/1 and Ph/Ph/1/N queues (short)” - Alexandre Brandwajn and Thomas Begin

12:00-13:00 – Lunch

Session 2 (Chair: Samuel Kounev): (13:00 – 14:40) Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Adaptive Systems

“A Class of Tractable Models for Run-Time Performance Evaluation” – Giuliano Casale and Peter Harrison

“Analysis of Bursty Workload-aware Self-adaptive Systems” - Diego Pérez, Jose Merseguer and Raffaela Mirandola

“How A Consumer Can Measure Elasticity for Cloud Platforms” - Sadeka Islam, Kevin Lee, Alan Fekete and Anna Liu

“Statistical Detection of QoS Violations Based on CUSUM Control Charts” - Ayman Amin, Alan Colman and Lars Grunske

14:40-15:10 – Poster Session and Break

Session 3 (Chair: Alberto Avritzer): (15:10 – 16:00) Performance and Software Development Processes

“User-Friendly Approach for Handling Performance Parameters during Predictive Software Performance Engineering” - Rasha Tawhid and Dorina Petriu

“Architecture-Level Reliability Prediction of Concurrent Systems” - Leslie Cheung, Ivo Krka, Leana Golubchik and Nenad Medvidovic


Session 4 (Chair: Jose Nelson Amaral): (16:00 – 17:05) Performance and Energy Efficiency

“The Implementation of the Server Efficiency Rating Tool” – Mike G. Tricker, Klaus-Dieter Lange, Jeremy A. Arnhaold, Hansfried Block and Christian Koopmann

“Busy Bee: How to Use User Traffic Information for Better Scheduling of Asynchronous Tasks” - Feng Yan, Alma Riska and Evgenia Smirni

“Towards Efficient Supercomputing: Searching for the Right Efficiency Metric (short)” - Chung-Hsing Hsu, Jeffery Kuehn and Stephen Poole


ICPE Steering Committee Meeting: (17:30-19:00)

Tuesday, April 24

Breakfast: (7:30-8:30)

8:30-9:30 – Keynote (Chair: David Kaeli): “New Challenges in Performance Engineering” – Amnon Naamad, Senior Director of Innovation, EMC, USA.

9:30-10:00 – Break

Session 5 (Chair: Petr Tuma): (10:00-11:45) Benchmarking

“Workload Generation for Microprocessor Performance Evaluation (SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award – Invited - short)” – Luk Van Ertvelde

“Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Event-Based Systems (SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award –Invited - short)” – Kai Sachs

“Efficient Update Data Generation for DBMS Benchmarks” - Meikel Poess, Tilmann Rabl and Michael Frank

“Studying Hardware and Software Trade-Offs for Real-Life Web 2.0 Workloads” - Stijn Polfliet, Frederick Ryckbosch and Lieven Eeckhout

“Benchmarking Decentralized Monitoring Mechanisms in Peer-to-Peer Systems” - Dominik Stingl, Christian Gross, Karsten Saller, Sebastian Kaune and Ralf Steinmetz

12:00-13:00 - Lunch

Session 6 (Chair: Giuliano Casale): (13:00-14:15) Performance Modeling of Software and Systems

“An Industrial Case Study of Performance-Oriented Design Space Exploration with PerOpteryx” - Thijmen De Gooijer, Anton Jansen, Heiko Koziolek and Anne Koziolek

“Using computer simulation to predict the performance of multithreaded programs” - Alexander Tarvo and Steven Reiss

“Parallel File System Measurement and Modeling Using Colored Petri Nets” - Hai Nguyen and Amy Apon

Session 7 (Chair: Ningfang Mi): (14:15-14:40) Poster preview presentations

“Apache Hadoop Performance-Tuning Methodologies and Best Practices”

“Find Your Best Match: Predicting Performance of Consolidated Workloads”

“Importing PMIF Models into PIPE2 using M2M Transformation”

“Kieker: A Framework for Application Performance Monitoring and Dynamic Software Analysis”

“SPEC - Driving Better Benchmarks”

“SPECvirt_sc2010 - Driving Virtualization Innovation”

“SPECpower_ssj2008 - Driving Server Energy Efficiency”

“Server Efficiency Rating Tool (SERT)”

“SPEC - Enabling Efficiency Measurement”

14:40-15:20 – Poster session and break

Session 8 (Chair: Dorina Petriu): (15:20 – 17:00) Work-in-Progress/Vision Track

“Understanding Performance Modeling for Modular Mobile-Cloud Applications” - Ioana Giurgiu

“Is your Cloud Elastic Enough? Performance Modeling the Elasticity of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Applications” – Paul Brebner

“Clock Driven Programming: A programming paradigm which enables machine-independent performance design” – Kenjiro Yamanaka

“A Performance Modeling “Blending” approach for Early Life-cycle Risk Mitigation” – Paul Brebner

“Compositional Performance Abstractions of Software Connectors” - Lucia Kapova and Misha Strittmatter

“Efficiency Improvements for Solving Layered Queueing Networks” - Greg Franks and Lianhua Li

“Integrating Software Performance Curves with the Palladio Component Model” - Jens Happe, Alexander Wert and Dennis Westermann

“SPECjbb2012: updated metrics for a business benchmark” - Aleksey Shipilev and David D. Keenan

“OpenCL and the 13 Dwarfs: A Work in Progress” - Wu-Chun Feng, Heshan Lin, Thomas Scogland and Jing Zhang

“Automatic NUMA Characterization using Cbench” - Ryan Braithwaite, Wuchun Feng and Patrick McCormick

18:30 – 21:00 – Conference banquet

Wednesday, April 25

Session 9 (Chair: Kai Sachs): (8:30 – 10:10) Performance Measurement and Experimental Analysis

“Automated Detection of Performance Regressions Using Statistical Process Control Techniques” - Thanh H. D. Nguyen, Bram Adams, Jack Zhenming Jiang and Ahmed E. Hassan

“Capturing Performance Assumptions using Stochastic Performance Logic” - Lubomír Bulej, Tomáš Bureš, Jaroslav Keznikl, Alena Koubková, Andrej Podzimek and Petr Tuma

“Refactoring access control policies for performance improvement” - Donia Elkateb, Tejeddine Mouelhi, Yves Le Traon, Jeehyun Hwang and Tao Xie.

“Hirundo: A Mechanism for Automated Production of Optimized Data Stream Graphs” - Miyuru Dayarathna and Toyotaro Suzumura

10:10-10:40 - Break

Session 10 (Chair: Andre Bondi): (10:40-11:40) Breakout session

Closing remarks (11:40-12:00)